Stroller Battles: The Hiking Stroller vs. Hiking with Kids - HONEY BADGER WHEEL

Stroller Battles: The Hiking Stroller vs. Hiking with Kids

The Parents' Hiking Stroller Conundrum 

So, here’s the dilemma. You love to be outdoors — hidden waterfalls and majestic vistas call to you. Whether it’s the badlands or the beach, you can’t wait to get out. But… what can you do with the kids? Until children can negotiate on their own, you need to transport them. When they’re tiny, a carrier worn against your body may work. But children grow and eventually will be too heavy for a pack.


honey badger wheel hiking stroller for kids


Wagons or strollers may work in some places, but they have limitations. A wagon requires you to pull — maybe O.K. for a walk through the farmers’ market, but not for long distances. What about a hiking stroller? Even those marketed as “all-terrain,” leave a lot to be desired.

The Hiking Stroller Solution

Fortunately, the Honey Badger Wheel was born. It’s a multi-purpose hiking stroller with two options to make it easy and safe to take your kids along on outings. Think of it as a modern, human-powered pack mule. It’s a heavy-duty bicycle wheel configured with an aircraft aluminum frame and handles reminiscent of a wheelbarrow.


honey badger wheel hiking stroller

If you’re heading down a trail — or even off-trail — the Honey Badger Wheel makes it easy to carry gear and human cargo. For hunters, it’s a terrific way to transport game. If you want to move equipment, ice chests, what-have-you, across rugged terrain, sand or snow, the Honey Badger Wheel can do that for you. And for parents who want to bring children along as they enjoy the great outdoors, there is simply no better solution!

honey badger wheel hiking stroller

It Starts with a Wheel

You are undoubtedly familiar with the typical wheelbarrow used by gardeners and contractors. It has a small wheel at the front, two rear “legs” and two handles. But the first wheelbarrows, invented in China about 100 AD, had a large wheel in the center and could carry much more weight than the front-wheeled design we’re used to.


Now, imagine that you take that early design and add to it a rugged, go-anywhere bicycle tire and a lightweight aluminum frame. Just imagine where that wheel can take you and your stuff! The design of the Honey Badger Wheel is remarkably like early Chinese Wheelbarrows, but much better because of modern engineering and manufacturing.

honey badger wheel all-terrain stroller

Honey Badger Wheel as Kid Carrier

So back to business here. You’re trying to figure out how you can continue to indulge in your favorite outdoor activities and bring the kids along. Honey Badger Wheel is a one wheel cart with handles. It’s what you attach to it that gives it personality. And for carrying kids, you have two great options, the Yepp Maxi Easyfit Child Seat or the Kiddo Hoop.

Child Seat Add-On

You can attach one or two Yepp Maxi Easyfit Child Seats to the Honey Badger Wheel. The five-point restraint system is among the safety features of these top-rated child seats. The seat locks securely to a platform on the HBW frame.

hiking stroller for kids

Kiddo Hoop

The Kiddo Hoop is an ingenious little invention that allows up to three children to sit comfortably and safely on top of the Honey Badger Wheel. The Kiddo Hoop is designed with a dual tube system to keep your little ones' fingers protected from branches and trees. They ride safely on top of the platform free to enjoy the adventure with you all the way.

hiking stroller for kids


You’re undoubtedly wondering about safety. Just as you wouldn’t allow your child to go off on a bicycle without a safety helmet, a child should wear a helmet while being transported on the Honey Badger Wheel. But, it’s important to realize that the HBW is safer than a bicycle because the user (parent) has two feet on the ground and two hands on the handlebar. And a person pushing the HBW is likely walking only about 2-3 MPH, compared to perhaps moving 15 MPH on a bicycle.


If you’re riding a bike and let go of the handlebars, you might crash. If you let go of the HBW handlebars, the device would tip backwards, and the handlebars would set on the ground so that the unit will remain stable. A fall results in a three point resting position with your kids safely off the ground. You are, however, always advised to use bicycle helmets for children.

hiking stroller safety

Comparisons Hiking With Kids

If you’re looking for a hiking stroller, you might compare the Honey Badger Wheel to a popular so-called all-terrain stroller such as the Bob Sport Utility Stroller. In online shopping venues, it’s often rated above other top models. 


hiking stroller for children
The Bob Sport Utility Stroller has a fixed front wheel and two rear wheels. All three wheels are 16-inches in diameter. A storage compartment under the child’s seat is about 8-10 inches up from the ground. The child’s seat is about 10-12 inches above the top of the wheels.

The HBW has at least 10 advantages over the Bob Stroller:

  1. The single wheel of the HBW is 8 to 13 inches larger in diameter (different sizes are offered) than the wheels on the Bob — and sturdier.
  2. Your child will ride higher on the HBW and always in your view.
  3. The HBW fits 1-3 kids versus the Bob which is designed for either one child or if using a two kid model will allow two kids side by side in the wide dual model.
  4. Children can face front or rear with the HBW versus only in one position facing forward with the Bob.
  5. The larger single wheel of the HBW can transport 2-3 times more weight, compared to 70 pounds for the Bob.
  6. You can haul gear in a variety of panniers and saddlebags compatible with the HBW.
  7. The HBW is truly all-terrain. Imagine trying to ford a small stream in a stroller with eight-inch wheels, move through snow, traverse a rocky trail, or along a sandy beach.
  8. The HBW remains vertical with a one wheel cart design. The HBW fulcrum (wheel axle) and lever (handlebar) determine it's vertical position. Imagine hiking on a horizontally slanted trail. A typical all-terrain stroller has two wheels in the rear and one in the front. This two wheel in the rear design does not keep the stroller vertical while on a slanted plane.
  9. The HBW grows with the family. Kids stop using a stroller around the age of 3-4 years. The HBW allows for children up to nine years-old to ride comfortably on the platform with the Kiddo Hoop.
  10. The HBW includes a high quality bicycle wheel disc brake for descending on the trail. This makes the descent extremely easy and without having to muscle your way down holding tightly to the stroller to keep it from getting away from you.
The HBW is a superior option for bringing the kids along on rough terrain. Plus it’s easy to transport. Strollers can take up a lot of space in your vehicle. The HBW is lightweight and disassembles quickly, fitting into a smaller space.



The Product that Grows and Adapts to the Family

One of the most significant benefits of the Honey Badger Wheel is its ability to change with your family’s needs. For babies and toddlers, use your hiking cart with the Yepp Maxi Easyfit Child Seat. Later, the Kiddo Hoop will keep them safe and happy. And when they can hike along with you, your HBW can help you carry gear. When they get tired on the trail, they can easily hop on the one wheel cart, even without the Yepp Child Seat or without the Kiddo Hoop. The Honey Badger Wheel is an investment that will keep your family safe and enjoying the outdoors together for years to come.