Electric Hunting Carts | The E-FATTIE Electric Hunting Cart - HONEY BADGER WHEEL


MP - Multi-Purpose Model - Hunting, Hiking, Stroller-Use, Kayaks, Coolers, Bulky Gear, and More

The E-FATTIE electric hunting cart is now available after months of testing in the backwoods of West Virginia and mountains of Idaho. The electric system has been adopted from LEED's 500 Series Electric Bike Conversion Kits and revamped for the Honey Badger frame. This fat wheel electric hunting cart allows the user to transport outdoor gear long distances up steep terrain with the new 13 Ah Samsung li-ion battery system and 500 Watt geared motor. The E-FATTIE is the best hunting cart with a carrying capacity equivalent to that of a pack animal.

E-FATTIE Electric Hunting Carts

Use the E-FATTIE as a hunting cart, hiking cart, deer cart, or big game cart. Leave your pack mule at home and save your back. The E-FATTIE electric hunting cart is our best offering with the greatest load carrying capacity. Learn more about the E-FATTIE here and electric system warranty here.

 *The E-FATTIE does not include the bow mount brackets. 

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