Meet the Honey Badger Pack | Wheel Building and Customer Service - HONEY BADGER WHEEL

The Honey Badger Wheel is made by LEED Bicycle Solutions, a Utah-based bicycle company. We wanted to offer a single wheel solution for fishermen, preppers, hunters, and hikers on the path less traveled. The Honey Badger Wheel is the result of our love for the outdoors and expertise having built thousands of bicycle wheels.

The Honey Badger Wheel is the world's first one-wheel, multipurpose, all-terrain, wheelpacking solution for use as a:

  • Hiking Cart

  • Hunting Cart

  • Fishing Cart

  • Prepper Cart

  • Hiking Stroller 

Meet the Team

Mike manages marketing efforts and oversees product development. His aim is to guarantee a quality product that will not fail in the backcountry, on the sand, or wherever your epic adventure takes you. Mike writes for the Honey Badger Blog and our companion site LEED Bicyclology.


Leora manages inventory and product procurement. She works with our manufacturer and bicycle component suppliers to ensure that we always have products in stock, ready to ship.


Amberlee manages the warehouse and social media efforts. She wears many hats, but the most important is overseeing the builds of bicycle wheels at our local facility. She is the last signatory for quality control and she is amazing!


Kobyn builds, inspects, and signs off on wheel builds as well as the Honey Badger Wheel frames. He ensures that each wheel going out the door is 100% operational and each frame has been put together perfectly. Kobyn speaks Chinese and will be pursuing a career in international business.


Colin is the wheel-true guru that can lace a wheel quickly and to perfection. When a customer needs a custom product for their weekend adventure he delivers. Wheel building is second-nature for him.


Broc is the dedicated warehouse ninja who gives 110% in all areas of responsibility at the shop. Broc builds wheels, manages inventory, and is our go-to for the hardest jobs. Broc is also a unicyclist.


Spencer is the warehouse inventory specialist, among other things, dedicated to maintaining an organized, structured shop that continues to deliver perfection around the clock.