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Hiking Cart

Use panniers or tie gear to the frame.


The Honey Badger Archive

Joe's Walk Across America to End 22 Each Day

May 27, 2017

Joe walks to end 22 veteran suicides per day

Jiuseppe Copeland (Joe) contacted us and explained he was planning to walk across the United States to raise awareness for veteran suicide rates. He asked if he could use a Honey Badger Wheel...

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Pack Animal Options: Pack Goats and Hiking Carts

October 14, 2016

hiking carts and pack goats

Have you been out on the trail and seen an increase in pack goats over the past few years? Hikers are turning to alternative methods to packing their gear into the backcountry and pack goats...

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Ditch the Bug Out Bag and Prep the Zombie Hunting Cart

September 20, 2016

zombie apocalypse hunting cart

Prepping for the Zombie Apocalypse? Is your zombie kit sharp-ready for eliminating the outbreak of walking gore? If you answered in the negative, then you need to consider the lunacy of...

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The Game Cart Needs a Voice Sounding from the Wilderness

September 17, 2016


When it comes to legislation, too often, tradition outweighs common sense. This is the case involving the Wilderness Act and a recent attempt by Utah senators Mike Lee and Orrin Hatch...

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One frame, three wheel sizes, many kid and gear-carrying options.

Hunting Cart

Debone, quarter, or haul big game whole.


What is the Honey Badger Wheel?

The Honey Badger Wheel (HBW) is the all-terrain, one wheel cart designed for carrying all your gear on epic outdoor adventures. Transporting gear on the trail is a challenge on a hunt or when you want to hike with your kids. And carrying two coolers to your favorite fishing spot by the surf has always been an impossibility until now. The HBW is not only a deer cart. It is designed for your imagination and includes add-on accessories to make your outdoor trips memorable.

The HBW is a push cart. Most backpacking carts utilize a plain in order to lighten the load on the back and arms behind the user. The HBW is a push cart that balances the load directly over a single axle just like the ancient Chinese Wheelbarrow. It only requires the user to push the load with minimal effort and even less effort to balance. Physics is now in your favor.

What is Wheelpacking?

Wheelpacking is like backpacking, but with a wheel-without the back! Wheelpacking saves the back and offers outdoor opportunities with the all-terrain mechanical advantage.

wheelpacking and wheel packing

Honey Badger Wheel Benefits and Utilities

The HBW is being used all over the world following our launch in 2016 thanks to a successful grass roots crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Many single wheel hiking carts are designed for singular purposes hunting, fishing, or hiking. We wanted to make an all-terrain product that could be a multi-purpose tool that grows with your interests and with your family. The Honey Badger Wheel is the ultimate one wheel cart:

  • Hiking Cart 

  • Hunting Cart 

  • Fishing Cart 

  • Bug-Out Cart 

  • Kayak Cart 

Made in the USA by a Bicycle Company for the Path Less Traveled

The Honey Badger Wheel is designed and manufactured in the USA using the latest 3D CAD / CAM engineering software. Aerospace aluminum is CNC machined and hand TIG welded using dedicated fixtures then paired with high quality bicycle components to complete the ultimate outdoor cart. Unlike many bicycle products on the market, the Honey Badger Wheel is designed and built by a bicycle company. We manufacture and build all our wheels in the USA.

Wheel Size Options and Add-On Accessories

The Honey Badger is available with or without a bicycle wheel. We offer three wheel sizes: 24", 29er, and 26" Fat Bike. All models also include a high-end disc brake system. We include a tire pump, repair, and puncture prevention kit with all HBW orders.

The frame is designed for use with TrailMax pack animal saddlebags and bicycle panniers. The patented frame balances the load as low as possible with the ability to add more weight on top of the cart. The Deer Cart Accessory allows a hunter to carry a deer on the upper platform. 

Warranty and Shipping

The Honey Badger Wheel includes a two year warranty on the frame.  We build and ship orders Monday through Friday. Due to high demand at this time, we are building and shipping within 10-12 business days from the day your order is placed. Please plan accordingly. We ship to Canada and internationally with USPS. Orders to the USA ship FedEx Ground. Shipping costs vary within the USA from $18-$49 and international shipping costs up to $140.

Send us photos of your adventures and we'll reimburse you a portion of your shipping cost. Send us EPIC PHOTOS from the field and we'll reimburse ALL your shipping cost and send you a gift card to your favorite restaurant!

GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING: Click here for photos of a Hunt Of A Lifetime with ten year-old Alex.

Watch the uncut aerial video 'Walk in the Woods' to see the HBW in action. 

Fishing Cart

Carry coolers and more.


Pick your Honey Badger Wheel size. Add an accessory or use it solo and strap your gear directly to the frame.