Hiking Cart and Hunting Cart Models for One Wheel Cart Use Outdoors - HONEY BADGER WHEEL

Honey Badger Wheels

Pick your wheel size. Add an accessory and saddle bags, or simply tie gear directly to the frame.

H2 Models are designed for hunting and hiking. The H2 Models work with panniers, saddlebags, and the H2 deer carrier accessory. 

MP Models are designed for multi-purpose use for hunting and hiking or carrying coolers and kids. The MP Models work with all accessories, saddlebags, and panniers.

All Models:

  1. NAKED 3-Piece Honey Badger Wheel Frame
  2. Handlebar Grips
  3. Optional Disc Brake System +$100
  4. Bottle Mount Inserts
  5. Accessory Mounts
  6. Height Adjustable Handlebars
  7. Wheel Patch Kit and Pump
  8. 3/16 Allen Wrench
  9. Model Wheel Size


  1. LCD Computer System
  2. 13 Ah 36 Volt Samsung Li-Ion Battery
  3. Battery Case and Roll Cage
  4. 36 Volt Battery Charger
  5. 8FUN 500 Watt Geared Motor
  6. Disc Brake System
  7. Variable Speed Thumb Throttle
  8. 36 Volt Controller
  9. Axle Torque Arm

*The disc brake is required on all models for use as a hiking stroller and recommended for all other uses on elevated terrain.

**The E-FATTIE also includes the same additions and options available in the list on the left-hand column.