NAKED Honey Badger Frame Big Game Cart | The Ultimate Hiking Cart - HONEY BADGER WHEEL


No Disc Brake

MP - Multi-Purpose Model - Hunting, Hiking, Kayaks, Coolers, Bulky Gear, and More

The NAKED Honey Badger Frame is ready for your bicycle wheel and imagination. Since the Honey Badger Wheel is designed to function with any bicycle wheel, why not save some money and make use of your own wheel? Convert your own wheel into a deer hauler quickly. Make sure your wheel has a disc rotor to take advantage of the disc brake system.

One Frame, Many Wheel Sizes

The NAKED can be used as a hiking cart, big game cart, or whatever your imagination envisages. All Honey Badger Wheel models come with the NAKED frame, which is compatible with all carrier accessories, such as the Dual Swivel Arms, and Deer Carrier Inserts. This is the DIY Hunter dream to convert your bicycle wheel into the multi-purpose outdoor tool.

*The disc brake is recommended for use on elevated terrain. 

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