Honey Badger Wheel Series Multi-Purpose Big Game Cart - HONEY BADGER WHEEL

One Wheel Cart Uses

The one wheel cart for your multi-purpose life outdoors.

The American engineered and manufactured Honey Badger Wheel is like a pack mule that does all the heavy lifting for you, but it's a honey badger. 

The all-terrain wheel for parents, hunters, and you! It's also for everyone with an imagination and a love for exploring the outdoors. 


The Honey Badger Wheel has seven primary all-terrain utilities:

  • Big Game Cart
  • Hiking Cart
  • Hunting Cart
  • Dual Cooler Carrier
  • Heavy Gear Hauler
  • Deer Carrier
  • 1-3 Kid All-Terrain Stroller


The Honey Badger Wheel is the first ever lightweight, compact, and adjustable ALL-TERRAIN BIG GAME CART. It rides in on your back and rolls out fully loaded. 

If you are trying to reduce weight and don't want to use saddle bags or panniers, big game can be quartered or deboned and tied directly to the frame for a quick roll out from the backcountry.

You can also carry deer up to 200 pounds with the DEER ACCESSORY.

And since it is not designated as a vehicle, it is allowed within most BLM property. If you hunt in the backcountry you've probably seen a similar sign below. My favorite hunting site in Utah does not allow vehicles, but does allow the Honey Badger Wheel.

A bull moose deboned fits right into pack animal saddle bags. If you have extra gear, you can tie it on top just like you do with a pack animal. But you don't have to feed your Honey Badger. 


The Honey Badger Wheel is the first ever fully adjustable and pannier / saddle bag-friendly ALL-TERRAIN HIKING CART. It is designed to adjust to any user height, even kids.

The patented design accepts bicycle panniers of all kinds. Panniers can clip on with ease and remove just as quickly. This makes the Honey Badger Wheel the all-compatible alternative to a heavy backpack.

The HEAVY GEAR / DUAL COOLERS SWIVEL allows perfectly balanced XXXL heavy loads to roll with ease. Use the frame to carry your gear or add the accessory to carry large bulky loads.

Your coolers work with the accessory. Any coolers strap directly to the swivel mount and can be adjusted to the center pivot. Any items you wish to carry can be mounted to the accessory. 

One cooler is often enough, but with two coolers the day is twice the fun. Now you can pick the best part of the beach and take whatever you want. And when the kids get tired, they can just hop on top and ride the sand.


Parents, we've been duped! Below is a Google search for "all-terrain strollers." Do those strollers look "all-terrain" to you? Perhaps if we lower our expectations to sidewalks and walking paths. Let's raise our expectations.

This is an ALL-TERRAIN STROLLER when used as a hiking stroller. It seats 1-3 kids comfortably and safely. It CAN go on ALL-TERRAIN and it looks great doing it. The handlebar is the kickstand. It's a simple lift and go ...go anywhere, that is.

We've tried to take our kids on outdoor adventures for years in a regular stroller. We always came up short. Not any more! The Honey Badger Wheel allows us to take them anywhere we want. No more limits. Be the hero and take your kids to the places you want to!

The frame holds 1-2 Yepp Maxi child seats. Other child seats pair with the frame, but we prefer the Yepp Maxi, which will be available soon here on our website.

We love taking our kids to historical sites, but they don't always have perfect sidewalks. Who wants to see concrete at parks and historical sites anyway? We just made any site a kid-friendly site. You're welcome. 

The KIDDO HOOP ACCESSORY allows 1-3 kids to ride balanced over a single axle. Even on snow! 

The Honey Badger Wheel grows with your family. If a kid gets tired of walking for a while, they can jump in and rest their legs. When they get their energy back they can hop out and hit the trail.

It's hard to tell who has more fun, the kids or the parents. You enjoy the trip and they enjoy the adventure. That's a win-win for everyone.

When your kids are small they can ride in a child seat. As they get older they can transition into the KIDDO HOOP. You enjoy a visit to everywhere without the kids getting tired from a long day. We visit sites such as the National Mall in D.C. and our days aren't cut short any more.

If you're real ambitious you can use two Yepp Maxi child seats in either position facing forward or backward. It works either way.

The handlebars are the kickstand in the forward-facing position and the front safety bar is the kickstand in the rear-facing position. Carry kids safely in both positions with one or two seats. You are in control of the handlebars just like a bicycle except you are traveling at 1/5 the speed of a bike.


The heaviest loads in the craziest terrain may require an assistant. That's where the electric assist comes into play. 

The 500W 13 Ah electric drive is controlled with a thumb throttle so you have total control when you want to gain ground. The electric assist comes from our sister site that offers electric bike kits for bicycle commuters. The electric assist includes the 500W 8FUN Motor, 13 Ah Samsung Li-Ion Battery, Controller, Cabling, Thumb Throttle, and LCD Computer. 

The 500W electric drive paired with the Honey Badger Wheel provides miles and miles of hardcore hauling. More than you'll ever need. 

Honey Badger Wheel Models

All Models include:

  1. NAKED 3-Piece Honey Badger Wheel Frame
  2. Handlebar Grips
  3. High Quality Disc Brake System
  4. Bottle Mount Inserts
  5. Accessory Mounts
  6. Height Adjustable Handlebars
  7. Wheel Patch Kit and Pump
  8. 3/16 Allen Wrench
  9. Model Wheel Size

E-FATTIE also includes:

  1. LCD Computer System
  2. 13 Ah 36 Volt Samsung Li-Ion Battery
  3. Battery Case and Roll Cage
  4. 36 Volt Battery Charger
  5. 8FUN 500 Watt Geared Motor
  6. Cabling System
  7. Variable Speed Thumb Throttle
  8. 36 Volt Controller
  9. Axle Torque Arm

 NOTE: The E-FATTIE does not include the bow mount brackets.