Learn About Joe's Walk to End 22 Veteran Suicide in America Each Day - HONEY BADGER WHEEL

Joe's Walk Across America to End 22 Each Day

Jiuseppe Copeland (Joe) contacted us and explained he was planning to walk across the United States to raise awareness for veteran suicide rates. He asked if he could use a Honey Badger Wheel for a portion of the trip. We were honored to assist and set up a website for Joe with a Spot GPS tracker to follow him on his journey. 

Joe at the Vietnam Veteran Memorial

The following excerpt is from Joe's website:

My name is Jiuseppe Copeland (Joe) and I'm a veteran. I spent the majority of my enlistment in Iraq and Kuwait. During my deployments I witnessed many horrible aspects of war. My experiences there changed me dramatically. I now suffer from combat PTSD.

PTSD can happen to anyone, from those that have fought in war to those who were support workers in war zones.

Not everyone who serves in a conflict zone returns with PTSD, but many do.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental illness that can afflict anyone who experiences or witnesses extreme trauma that constitutes a threat to the life of an individual. We don't know why some people suffer from PTSD and others do not. Combat PTSD and combat related depression, in addition to other mental illness, are the leading causes of post active-duty suicides.

According to studies, an average of 22 veterans and 1 active duty member commit suicide every day. I don't have an answer to end this phenomenon, but I will do what I can to raise awareness. If I can save one person from taking their own life all of this will be worth it.

We can do more to help our brothers and sisters who have served.
​Let's work together to recognize many are suffering and help them come home.

Joe is making great progress and is getting press attention, but he needs more to help raise awareness to end veteran's suicide. Please track his journey below, join in his effort, and consider contributing to the great organizations that lend an ear and provide assistance to veterans when they need it most.