FATTIE Fat Wheel Honey Badger Backpacking Cart | Big Game Cart - HONEY BADGER WHEEL


MP - Multi-Purpose Model - Hunting, Hiking, Stroller-Use, Kayaks, Coolers, Bulky Gear, and More

The MP FATTIE Honey Badger Wheel is designed as the best option for a multi-use hiking cart. The 4" fat bike wheel stabilizes heavy loads best, which means that if you are using it as an all-terrain stroller, the kids are easily balanced on top. If you are using it for multiple purposes such as a cooler carrier, deer carrier, hiking cart, big game cart, or kayak cart, then the MP FATTIE is the best option all around. 

Multi-Purpose Hiking Carts

The FATTIE 4" wheel rolls over terrain easily and comfortably. It is not as nimble or small as the 29er and 24", but it demands respect off-road as it rolls anywhere Honey Badger wants to go. It is the best Honey Badger Wheel for use as a multi-purpose, all-terrain hiking cart.  This model comes with disc brakes, recommended for elevated terrain.

 weight: 19.2 lbs

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