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Prepper Cart: Best Bug Out Bag for Prep n' Roll Emergencies

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Are you prepared for a high-scale emergency? No, not zombies: It may sound like science fiction, but the potential for a major disaster, such as an EMP or Category 5 hurricane, that takes down the power grid is very real. This type of event is when you're going to need the best bug out bag or even a prepper cart.

According to The Red Cross, the very first step when preparing for an emergency is to “Get a Kit.” Indeed, many people have a tentative evacuation plan in place, and you may even have a small cache of canned goods and jugs of water stored in case of a power outage that lasts upwards of 24 hours.

But what if you're faced with a loss of power for a lengthy period of time? What if you can't hunker down in your home or the home of a friend or family member? What if you're traveling with your vehicle and there is no gas or your transportation has to be abandoned? In those extreme cases, you may need to consider bugging out, and for that, you'll need a well-stocked bug out bag.

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Just What Is the Best Bug Out Bag?

“Bugging out” is akin to living off the land or simply getting to another location, but in our modern world, even camping is done with plenty of modern conveniences. Most people would be completely at a loss when faced with a potential long period of time outdoors.

The best bug out bag contains all the essentials you'll need to survive in the wilderness or anywhere outdoors for an extended period of time. It may just be a kit you need to get to a pre-planned location where you will be safer or have better supplies. This may include dry and non-perishable foods, tarps and rope for making a temporary shelter, cooking gear and fire-starting equipment, as well as water and filter systems.

No matter what you ultimately decide to pack in your family's bug out bag, there's no denying that it'll be heavy. The best bug out bag is one that's well-stocked but is relatively easy to transport. The best bug out bag is the bag that accounts for every realistic possibility.

Transporting this much gear used to be impossible without a vehicle. In the event of the most serious disasters such as a catastrophic earthquake, political dissidence, electromagnetic pulse (EMP) - man-made or solar, nuclear fallout, category 5 hurricane, or more, a bug out cart will be the best method to haul much-needed supplies. It will likely be the only method to efficiently transport your gear.

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Keep It Moving: Staying Prepared While Mobile

When the grid is down, it may be impossible to traverse the roads in a vehicle, even if you have a large SUV or Hummer. You and your family may end up on foot, with the nearest safe outdoor space or wooded area upwards of 50 miles away. So how will you carry your gear?

Backpacks just aren't practical in a bug-out scenario; even serious thru-hikers practice walking with their packs before setting off on a lengthy hiking adventure, and it's still a heavy burden. Fortunately, there's a great solution: The Honey Badger Wheel. Whether you're toting a full bug out bag, small children or pets into the wilderness, this single-wheel cart will be your saving grace.

The Honey Badger Wheel can support 200+ pounds, and you can easily load it up with panniers or saddlebags, or even attach coolers or a child seat. Its rugged wheel can roll over dirt paths and foliage with ease, and you won't have to put any strain on your back, making it the best bug out bag for everyone.

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Evacuation Bag or Bug Out Bag?

People who don't reside in hurricane- or tornado-prone areas may never worry about a disaster scenario, and many preppers believe that an evacuation bag is adequate for most scenarios. However, an evacuation bag is usually sparsely packed, designed to get you comfortably from point A to point B, not to survive in an outdoor environment.

During a catastrophic event, do you want to rely solely on the items that are currently in your pantry or evacuation bag? Instead of treating a bug out bag as a last resort item, keep your bag full and on hand, and you'll be prepared for anything. Adopt the motto "be prepared" and confidence will win the day.

Prepare for Emergencies: Be Red-Cross-Ready

The Red Cross has provided an excellent list of emergency items, plans, and considerations. Click the links below to prepare your kit and be ready.

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