Honey Badger Wheel Kayak Cart and Canoe Cart Portage - HONEY BADGER WHEEL

Honey Badger Wheel Kayak Cart and Canoe Cart Portage

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Kayak Cart and Canoe Cart Limits

Most kayak carts and canoe carts are designed to pull a single canoe as if it was airport luggage. The benefit of the Honey Badger Wheel is the ability to pull two kayaks or canoes in addition to a large amount of gear. The Honey Badger Wheel canoe cart rolls over any terrain whether you are portaging in Minnesota or hiking into your favorite run in Montana. 

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Single Wheel Kayak Cart Benefits

The Honey Badger Wheel canoe cart is fully collapsible. It fits in the trunk of your car and collapses to be carried on your backpack. You can take it with you while you are on the lake or river. Throw your canoes or kayaks back on it and move on. There is nothing on the market like the Honey Badger Wheel kayak cart.

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Kayak and Canoe Carrier Options 

There are several ways to carry canoes and kayaks on the Honey Badger Wheel. Let your budget decide the method. No matter how you carry your kayaks and gear, they ride secured to the Honey Badger Wheel.

  • Kayak to Frame

This is the DIY method of securing your kayaks to the frame. One or two canoes and kayaks tie directly to the sidewalls of the Honey Badger Wheel. If you are only portaging one canoe, then use the other side of the frame to carry gear. Throw a bicycle pannier on there and carry whatever you wish. 

  • Kayak to Heavy Gear Swivel Add-on

For long distance portaging, the Heavy Gear Swivel is available. This swivel system was designed for heavy and/or bulky cargo, such as canoes and kayaks. The heavy duty swivel accessory keeps gear parallel to the deck. This keeps kayaks and canoes flat as you portage over any terrain.

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  • Kayak to Deck

The Honey Badger Wheel includes a top flat deck. This deck makes it easy to secure a kayak or canoe directly on top of the carrier. This is best for open air situations such as transporting on a beach. The Honey Badger Wheel is surprisingly simple to operate even with a heavy load on top. Throw the canoe or kayak on top and portage on.