Deer Cart | Honey Badger Wheel for Big Game Hauling - HONEY BADGER WHEEL

Deer Cart | Honey Badger Wheel for Big Game Hauling

Deer Cart? It's Much More...

The Honey Badger Wheel (HBW) is the deer cart for carrying all types of big game out of the great outdoors. Hunters are raving about the design and multifunctional abilities of the one wheel cart. Engineers designed the deer cart as the big game cart that can collapse easily to be carried on your back. Once you have harvested the animal the deer cart accessory is installed for easy carry back to your vehicle.

Multi-Purpose All-Terrain Cart

The Honey Badger Wheel is also designed for use as a camping cart and also as an all-terrain stroller to make hiking with kids more enjoyable. The accessories designed for the HBW provide the ability to transport heavy gear and bulky items such as two coolers and camping gear. The swivel always keeps the gear parallel to the ground. 

The Yepp Maxi Child Seat and Kiddo Hoop convert the HBW into a hiking stroller. The unique platform provides many opportunities for parents to wheel their kids on rough terrain. Gone are the days of coaxing children on the trail and carrying kids in backpacks.

Watch the uncut aerial video 'Walk in the Woods' to see the HBW in action.