H2 24"

H2 - Hunter-Hiker Model - Hunting and Hiking

The 24" model is the nimble, lightweight, most compact system designed as a hiking-hunting cart for those who want to pack in light and roll out heavy. The 24" weighs in at 15.8 pounds and can quickly be taken down and set-up in seconds. The 24" includes a three piece frame that mounts onto your backpack. The 24" wheel is small enough to squeeze through thick vegetation and small enough to roll its way out fully loaded.

The H2 frame system is designed with extendable and adjustable top frame bars to allow for custom fitting to saddle bags and your gear mounted on top. In addition, the d-rings on the frame provide easy-to-secure mounting systems for all your custom gear.

24" One Wheel Carts

Using the H2 NAKED frame it is fully adaptable for use with all panniers and saddlebags as well as the H2 deer carrier accessory for all use as a hiking cart, big game cart, and deer cart. It is the ultimate mini option for big ideas. The H2 24" model is the preferred deer cart for getting in and out of dense foliage terrain.  This model includes disc brakes, recommended for use on elevated terrain.

weight: 15.8

Collections: Honey Badger Wheels

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