H2 29er

H2 - Hunter-Hiker Model - Hunting and Hiking

The H2 29er Honey Badger Wheel backpack cart and hunting cart was designed for the backcountry adventurer. The 29er wheel is large and nimble in order to navigate challenging terrain, tight spaces, and roll over large obstacles. It is the largest wheel we offer and is particularly great for the Rocky Mountains for use as a big game cart, hiking cart, camping cart, and more. 

The H2 frame system is designed with extendable and adjustable top frame bars to allow for custom fitting to saddle bags and your gear mounted on top. In addition, the d-rings on the frame provide easy-to-secure mounting systems for all your custom gear.

Multi-Purpose Backpack Carts

The H2 29er includes the H2 NAKED Frame, which is fully compatible with all our pannier and saddlebags as well as the H2 deer carrier accessory. The backpack cart collapses quickly and sets up in seconds. The H2 29er is the best option for the backcountry warrior, particularly as a hunting cart.  This model comes with disk brake perfect for use on elevated terrain. 

weight: 17.4

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