Monowalker | Camping Cart Hauls All Your Backpacking Gear - HONEY BADGER WHEEL

Monowalker | Camping Cart Hauls All Your Backpacking Gear

One of our favorite products out there is the Monowalker Fatmate. This camping cart is designed to carry a heavy load over the most challenging terrain. The Monowalker has the Honey Badger Wheel beat when it comes to uphill trekking. We love this product and the man behind the design.

monowalker fatmate camping cart

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Camping Cart Built By a Cyclist

The Monowalker is built by a cyclist. Not only a cyclist, but a bicycle designer who has worked for a number of bicycle companies. He has also trekked all over the world and came up with the concept after recognize the need for a better tool, a better camping cart that can go everywhere your gear needs to go. The design is as unique as the creator.

monowalker fatmate camping cart

The Monowalker raised $35,500 on Kickstarter in April, 2016. It was a great success and garnered more support crowdfunding on Kickstarter than all camping carts to date. The marketing behind the Monowalker equalled its design.

We look forward to seeing the Monowalker on the trail and hope to go on a few trips with the creator soon.