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M.U.L.E. | Hiking and Backpacking Cart is Back on Kickstarter

The Mule backpacking cart made its debut on Kickstarter. And it's back! After an unfunded Kickstarter campaign in the summer of 2015, our friend Melvin McCoy has been spotted again. We have been curious over the last year what has been going on with the M.U.L.E. backpacking cart.

Now, we've never tested the Mule ourselves, but we were excited to see it when it first came out. We've enjoyed his energetic videos and product demonstrations. He is an enthusiastic fellow with a passion for his product. We love that!

the mule backpack cart

Melvin has taken his Mule all over the country highlighting its capabilities. The Mule in Death Valley? The Mule don't care about the heat! 

 "Insist on the quality of the M.U.L.E. or get stuck with somebody's jackass!" - Melvin McCoy

Melvin has garnered a lot of attention for his product since inventing it over a decade ago. He has been highlighted in Backpacking Magazine, Gear Junkie, and more. He has a list of praise from well-known people.

"A backpack which drastically increases the weight and volume of loads in a workable, reliable, and safe fashion, as the M.U.L.E. does, could be an asset to the United States Army." Al Gore, Jr. FORMER VICE PRESIDENT and TENNESSEE SENATOR, 

" the anti-Thoreau-a man who walks far from home but leaves nothing behind."BACKPACKER MAGAZINE 2005  

"You will be listed along side great inventors such as Thomas Edison, Alexander Bell and the Wright Brothers." Robert B. Hooper WHO'S WHO OF AMERICAN INVENTORS, President  

"Those who have seen the M.U.L.E.s are very encouraged by the capabilities and advantages."SYSTEMS ENGINEERING & ASSESSMENT LIMITED, United Kingdom

"This product is far superior to the backpacks the Armed Services are currently using." Harold Ford FORMER U.S. CONGRESSMAN

the mule backpacking cart

Mr. McCoy states on his Kickstarter campaign that they are close to production. They have secured the patent and are days out from beginning their first production run. He's been working on this product for more than a decade and as of today has 24 days left on his crowdfunding campaign. He is trying to raise $90,000 to produce the Mule backpacking cart that costs $398 if you order one of the first 2,000 models. There are 1,998 left. 

We wish we had Melvin working with us. His enthusiasm is contagious and we could all use that in our lives. We pledged to his Kickstarter campaign and wish him great success. Inventing a product that improves backpacking and hiking is a fantastic idea and we could all use that.

His product especially is unique. It carries an extremely heavy load and large volume. Check out his project here on Kickstarter.