One Wheel Cart Physics for the Honey Badger Mechanical Advantage - HONEY BADGER WHEEL

One Wheel Cart Operation: It's Simple Physics, Not Art

The load placed on the one wheel cart Honey Badger Wheel rests directly over the axle (Fulcrum) which eliminates load arm distance (X = Length to Fulcrum). The long distance of the effort arm (L = Length from Fulcrum) minimizes user effort (F = Force Required for Equilibrium) required to control or lift the cargo (W = Total Load). Add the use of a high quality efficient bicycle wheel, which is best to counter off-road resistance, and the Honey Badger Wheel becomes the All-Terrain Mechanical Advantage.



One Wheel Cart = Ancient Physics

The Han Dynasty beat us to the idea of building a one wheel cart. They beat us by a few years, so we won't take credit. We can't help that we were born two millennium late. The Chinese Wheelbarrow was a marvel of innovation for its day. 

chinese wheelbarrow

Ancient Physics Meets Modern Technology

The Chinese Wheelbarrow had many uses. So why did it take us 2,000+ years to improve on the concept? We can't answer that question, but we can say that we don't have to wait any longer. It is here. 

The Honey Badger Wheel meets the needs of fishermen, hunters, parents, hikers, backpackers, and more. It is the answer we've been looking for. It is the all-terrain one wheel cart mechanical advantage.


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