Deer Hauler, Hiking Cart and Backpacking Cart Funding Updates - HONEY BADGER WHEEL

Deer Hauler & Hiking Cart Funded on Kickstarter

First Ever Hunting Product Deer Hauler and Hiking Cart on Kickstarter

Team LEED launched the Honey Badger Wheel Deer Hauler through a crowdfunding project on Kickstarter. The campaign ran 10 March - 30 April 2016. All backers who supported the project receive a discount on accessories such as the Hiking Cart conversion kits and more. The first 20 backers received the Honey Badger Wheel in August 2016.

Kickstarter backers, contact us by email for 20% discounts off all TrailMax pack animal and bicycle panniers as well as Yepp bicycle seats. Pack animal and bicycle panniers allow you to use the Honey Badger Wheel as a backpacking cart or hiking cart to roll over the beaten path.

Updates for the project can be found here. Thank you for supporting our project and helping make the Honey Badger Wheel a reality!