Going Backpacking? The Backpacking Cart that saves the Back - HONEY BADGER WHEEL

The Backpacking Cart that does not include Backpacking Pain

Backpacking is Good for the Soul

There are few things in life that can clear the mind and rejuvenate the soul quite like backpacking. Many of us return time and again into the mountains and forests because it is where we feel at home. It is where we feel we were meant to be. If you're like me, then you may sit at a desk throughout the day and look forward to your next trip into the backcountry. Unfortunately, these trips are far and few between for two reasons.

honey badger wheel backpacking cart

Injuries and Age keep us Away

For some of us, the lack of time keeps us from getting out in the wild more often or perhaps it is our age or even an injury. Backpacking requires endurance and carrying a lot of weight on our backs. An injury can prevent us from enjoying the lifestyle we want. We often use time as the excuse, but age and injury are the two reasons that keep most from enjoying the lifestyle we want.

honey badger wheel hiking cart

What are the Options To Carry Gear?

For centuries explorers have ventured off the beaten path with pack animals or by carrying all their gear on their backs. These have been the only two options. That has all changed because of the Honey Badger Wheel.

The wheel has been in use for centuries and yet we have relied on either our own two legs or an animal's four legs to carry gear. Finally, there is another option to carry our gear while backpacking. Introducing the backpacking cart.

honey badger wheel hiking cart

The Ultimate Backpacking Cart 

The Honey Badger Wheel is designed as a multi-purpose tool to carry all your backpacking gear with ease. The frame allows for various methods of carrying your gear on the trail. It is the ultimate backpacking cart because it rolls with heavy loads easily, carries more gear than you can typically carry on your back, and can help you go farther without the strain on your body.

When you use the Honey Badger Wheel as a backpacking cart, you have five options to carry ALL your gear:

  1. Strap your backpack onto the frame. The top platform is designed to allow a heavy backpack to be secured directly over the axle. This allows the user to balance the load easily and comfortably as it is pushed over rough terrain. 
  2. Secure bicycle panniers to the sides. The hiking cart is engineered to accept bicycle panniers of all types and sizes. In fact, we offer them for sale right here on our site. The HBW frame is similar to a rear carrier on a bicycle so bicycle panniers can secure easily directly to the frame perfectly balancing your backpacking gear to the center of the axle.
  3. Strap your gear in bags to the frame. The frame contains multiple locations to strap your gear with straps or tie downs throughout the aluminum frame. This allows you to tie your gear down without any extra equipment costs or requirements.
  4. Carry your gear with pack animal panniers. We offer multiple TrailMax pack animal bags that allow you to add more gear than your backpack can carry. These bags compliment your Honey Badger Wheel and allow you to keep your pack animal at home. No feed or water required.
  5. Carry bulky and heavier gear with the Heavy Duty Swivel Arms. This add-on accessory allows atypical gear to be carried, perfectly balanced with a swiveling platform to allow the gear to remain parallel to a flat plane. Carry heavy coolers, barrels, boxes, or any other heavy, bulky items with ease. Honey Badger don't care.

honey badger wheel hiking cart

Prevent Chronic Back Pain

As a former backpacking guide and soldier, I can speak from experience that carrying a heavy backpack does more harm than good. Many of my friends who served in the military suffer chronic back pain and have terrible knees from their time spent in the field carrying extreme loads. Any of us who have debilitating injuries understand the need to improve how we explore the great outdoors.

honey badger wheel hiking cart

Stray Strong and Backpack Cart On

After suffering a serious injury to my right foot, I realized the need to develop a better product to allow us to continue enjoying life as we once did. For this reason we developed a better hiking cart that allows us to continue our lifestyle as we did before an injury or as we did when we were young. The Honey Badger Wheel is the multi-purpose solution that allows you to soldier on and stay strong on the trail.