Forget Everything You Thought You Knew about the Fishing Cart - HONEY BADGER WHEEL

Forget Everything You Thought You Knew about the Fishing Cart

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So you like to fish. We get it. We live to fish and we fish to live. If you are serious about fishing, then you've probably seen a fishing cart. You've probably seen the multitude of people walking along the pier or out to the surf pulling a cooler like it is a gardening accessory or luggage at the airport. Maybe you're one of these beach travelers. No, we're not making fun of you. I'll be honest and admit that I used an old-school fishing cart for years. And my kit was loaded!

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The Traditional Fishing Cart

A traditional fishing cart has either four or two fat wheels. The two-wheel design pulls like airport luggage. It allows for a cooler and some accessories. The four-wheel design steps up the game a little. It allows for a cooler and more items than the two-wheel design. My trustee fishing cart was the four-wheel design. I could bring a chair and a lot of gear along with my cooler, but it had its limitations.

Can Your Fishing Cart do This?

fishing cart with coolers

Time to Rethink the Fishing Cart

Fishing carts are great because they help transport gear to the beach. The problem I often experienced was choosing the most important gear to take because I couldn't take all of it. I could only take one cooler. I had to mix my food and drinks with the fish we caught. I was also limited by how far I could go on the sand. I would park as close as possible to my fishing spot and it was often crowded on the weekends. My fishing cart limited my access. It was time for a better fishing cart.

honey badger wheel fishing cart

So I designed a one wheel beach cart that could be an all-terrain, multi-purpose cart. The Honey Badger Wheel is the ideal fishing cart because it is easy to push on the sand, it balances perfectly, it allows me to carry more gear than any fishing cart on the market, and it fully collapses so it could fit in the trunk of my car even with my fishing gear.

beach surf fishing cart

Benefits of the Honey Badger Wheel Fishing Cart

  • Lightweight
  • Fully Collapsible
  • Dual Cooler Capable
  • Available Accessories
  • Fully Customizable
  • Easy Transport
  • Easy Travel Over Sand
  • Remote Fishing Spots
  • Crowd Avoidable Areas
  • Pier and Sand Worthy
  • Available with Disc Brake
  • Kid Carrier Ability
  • Carries 150+ Pounds
  • Durable to Last Years

The Honey Badger Wheel is by far the best fishing cart on the market. It was designed for not only the fisherman, but also the outdoorsman who wants to use the all-terrain cart for other activities if needed. It is the ultimate one wheel cart. 

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Coolers can strap directly to the frame easily. The Heavy Gear Swivel is also available as an add-on accessory. It provides a swiveling platform to secure coolers, heavy gear, and bulkty items. It is also height adjustable.