The Versatile Game Carrier for All Big Game and All Hunts - HONEY BADGER WHEEL

The Versatile Game Carrier for All Big Game and All Hunts

We all have our favorite hunting areas that we keep a secret. They're a secret for good reason. They're ours and we don't want them spoiled. And some of the best hunting areas are the gems where most hunters are not willing to go. They're too far in and too much of a challenge to get out. At least, they used to be a challenge. The game carrier had never really been the great solution until now.

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Most hunters, however, are not aware of the Honey Badger Wheel. They are familiar with the three old-school methods of getting big game back to the vehicle: drag, backpack, and cart. Not necessarily in that order, but you get the idea.

We all go through phases where we test our limits and eventually give in to technology and better equipment. Unfortunately, game carriers or game carts have underperformed for decades.

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The Big Game Carrier Conundrum

Big game carriers today generally consist of two wheels and a large frame. These carriers work by putting the deer on top of the frame and pulling it behind you or pushing it in front of you. This type of game carrier is great for many hunts. Unfortunately, a two-wheel game cart does not work for the "other hunts."

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The Honey Badger Wheel game carrier was designed on the premise that a single game cart could be used for all types of hunts. It was also designed for the "other hunts;" the hunts that are challenging to get in and out of the backcountry. These are the epic adventures that you remember forever and tell stories about around future campfires. 

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Most game carriers are not designed to create epic tales. They are designed for the backyard walk or the park-and-walk close to your vehicle hunt. This is also true for deer drags. Dragging a big buck out eight miles should not be your best option and a two wheel game carrier does not work on a rocky mountain trail in Montana or through the woods in Virginia. Additionally, most two-wheel game carts do not include a high quality disc brake system for the downhill.

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Backpacks don't always make the cut either. Packing a bull elk out in a backpack with all your gear is a challenge. It is only possible to pack out an elk on your back with your gear if you leave a portion of the elk on the mountain. A game carrier that is collapsible, lightweight, compact, and versatile is the needed tool.

honey badger wheel collapsible hunting cart

Honey Badger Wheel Versatility

There are three ways to use the Honey Badger Wheel as a game carrier. The frame design allows for add-ons. It adapts to your situation and to your hunt. Using a two-wheel game carrier is history. The single wheel Honey Badger is the game carrier that you can use for any hunt. It is designed to remove big game quartered, deboned, or whole. Each method includes carrying options of using panniers and saddlebags or tying to the frame. Here's a brief explanation for each method.

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Quartering in the backcountry is quick and easy. It is one of the preferred ways to efficiently remove the animal without wasting it. A quartered animal can be rolled out on the Honey Badger Wheel with either panniers and saddlebags or by securing the quarters directly to the frame.

Panniers and Saddlebags

Pack animal saddlebags are large and work well with the Honey Badger Wheel. Saddlebags fit two quarters each, which allows you to remove the entire animal, even a bull elk.

honey badger wheel game carrier

hiking cart honey badger wheel

Tied to Frame

The geometry of the frame was designed to balance weight directly over the axle. This makes tying quarters to the sides of the frame not only easy, but ideal for a perfectly balanced ride. The frame includes multiple anchor points for securing quarters on the sides of the frame and on top.

big game carrier and deer cart


Deboning big game is surprisingly quick and easy. Dragging deer has been the norm, but more hunters are beginning to debone as they are venturing in further to go after the bigger game. Deboning an animal in the field saves time later and can make packing out a little easier.

Panniers and Saddlebags

Bicycle panniers work great with the Honey Badger Wheel. It was specifically designed to accept panniers as well as pack animal saddlebags. Deboning an animal leaves less of the animal to carry out and the meat can usually fit in bicycle panniers mounted to the frame.

bicycle panniers on big game cart

honey badger wheel camping cart

Tied to Frame

Want to save space and money? Throw the meat in a game bag and tie the bag to the frame. Military-style laundry bags available at Army surplus stores work great. Throw the meat in a game bag, put it in a laundry bag, and tie it to the frame. 

big game cart for bear

big game cart

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Some of us prefer to take the entire animal out. Sometimes it is the only way. Perhaps the terrain we are in is not ideal to quarter or debone. Perhaps we're on a time crunch and have to get out quickly. Perhaps you prefer to butcher back home or drop it off at a processor. We all have our preferences and there is no right or wrong way.

For this reason, we designed the Honey Badger Wheel to also work as a deer carrier. Three brackets insert into the frame. These brackets allow for a large deer to strap secured and ride balanced over the frame. 

Securing a deer to the frame is surprisingly easy. Flip the Honey Badger Wheel upside down and lay the top of the frame on top of the animal with the head on the same side as the handlebars. Strap or tie the body to the top of the frame. After the animal is secured tightly, flip the frame upright while holding the brake lever. Once upright, the Honey Badger Wheel is easy to maneuver and roll the animal out of the woods.

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One Frame - Many Wheel Sizes - All Hunts

Whether you are hunting Whitetail in Georgia, Fallow in France, Elk in Montana, or Sheep in Quebec, the Honey Badger Wheel is the game carrier for the job. It is lightweight, compact, versatile, and designed as the multi-purpose, all-terrain, one wheel game carrier. 

honey badger wheel big game cart

Now, you just need to decide which wheel size you want. All the frames are the same and work with all wheel sizes. Get the NAKED without a wheel and throw your own bicycle wheel on there. Buy the FATTIE and have the fat bike wheel for the big haul. It doesn't matter which wheel you get. What matters is that you get outside and enjoy the great outdoors. Enjoy the hunt and have great experiences with friends and family. Get out and hunt.

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